Why Is The White Card Course Important?

Why Is The White Card Course Important

To work in the construction industry in Australia, you will need to obtain a white card that can prove you’ve gone through the necessary occupational and safety training. However, getting the white card isn’t just a bureaucratic step that gets you the green light to step onto the construction site.

A white card course should prepare you for what goes on in the construction industry, from how to do proper risk management to reducing work-related injuries and ensuring you can be safe while on the construction site.

So it’s really important to choose the right trainers who can effectively prepare you to work safely in the construction industry!

How Do You Get a White Card?

According to Safework NSW, to get a white card you must complete a general construction induction training with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) like Upskill Institute, and provide the trainer with 100 points of ID. People must be at least 14 years old to participate in this training.

Additionally, students need good language literacy and numeracy skills to go through the training and complete the course.

The RTO will have the application forms for your general construction induction card, and once you have completed the training, your application will be submitted to SafeWork NSW.

At the end of the process, you’ll also receive a statement of training, which is valid for 60 days. You can use it to start your activities until your white card arrives.

What to Look for in a White Card Training Course

White Card training is a mandatory requirement, so it’s really important to choose an RTO who won’t simply issue the card, but also teach you the work health, and safety skills you need to carry out your activities on the construction site.

Here are a few criteria to look for when shopping for a white card course:

  • Face to face meetings – online courses are also good, but it’s important to have face to face meetings with instructors as well, to go through the curriculum;
  • Be accredited and recognised by Safework NSW – you should also receive an accredited Statement of Attainment;
  • Suit your needs and learning style – as we said, it’s not just about the paperwork. It’s important to genuinely learn these skills and know-how to apply them. 

Over to You

Upskill Institute doesn’t believe the white card is just another legislative requirement added into the mix to make things harder. Our white card training is designed to give you the necessary skills and knowledge to be safe while on the construction site.

If you want to learn from the best, book a white card course Sydney with Upskill Institute today, and don’t forget to bring your evidence of identity to your first lesson!

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