Who Needs A White Card?

Who needs White Card

Who Needs A White Card? 

You may think that you only need to take a White Card course if you actively work on a construction site. But that’s not quite the case.

Even if you are not working directly on the construction of a building, you may need to work with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to complete coursework for CPCCWHS1001 – Prepare To Work Safely In The Construction Industry, and obtain a white card. In this blog from Skillsify, we’ll discuss who needs a white card in more detail.

There are three basic categories of people who need a White Card:

  • People who regularly access operational construction zones, and are either unaccompanied or are not directly supervised by a qualified, White Card inducted person. For example, a security guard at a job site.
  • Site managers, surveyors, supervisors, laborers, tradespeople, and anyone else who is actually working on the construction site.
  • Anyone whose employment causes them to “routinely” enter operational construction zones. For example, a delivery driver employed by a construction company may not work on construction, but must routinely enter construction zones.

Essentially, anyone who frequently enters a construction zone must complete White Card training. Anyone over the age of 14 can participate in White Card training, as long as they provide the correct identification and attend a training class. 

What Is A White Card? Explaining The Basics

A “White Card” is required by every Australian territory to ensure that individuals have completed basic general construction induction training, and are qualified to work on a construction site safely.

White cards are the replacement for Green Cards, and other cards issued by Australian states and territories. Training has now been standardized – so anyone who wants to work on a construction site will take a White Card training course.

White Card training offers a basic overview of construction safety procedures and concepts, spread throughout several “units of competency.”

Once you’ve completed the course, you will understand the basics of construction site health and safety, and be allowed to work on construction sites throughout NSW and nationwide – White Cards are recognised by each territory and state in Australia, so you only need to go through training once.

Then, you will get a “statement of attainment,” which you can use immediately to show that you have completed White Card training. This is valid for 60 days. Your official White Card will be sent to you within 30 days.

Contact Upskill Institute To Schedule Face-To-Face Training And Get A Construction Induction Card

If you need a White card in NSW, you’ll need to go through face-to-face, in-person training. And Upskill Institute is here to help. Through our RTO partners, we offer effective, fast, and affordable White Card training in Sydney. Give us a call at (02) 8580 2250 if you’ve got questions, or book online now to get started with Upskill Institute today.

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