What is the Job of a Traffic Controller?

What Do You Need To Be A Traffic Controller Australia

What is the Job of a Traffic Controller?

A traffic controller manages vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow from construction sites or work zones. You may also need to place barriers such as traffic cones that lead the traffic in a specific direction, indicating rules to drivers using hand signals and stopping traffic as workers move around.

Day-to-day Duties of a Traffic Controller

  • Receive and issue radio updates while coordinating with construction workers, traffic personnel, and emergency response teams
  • Direct traffic using traffic control devices
  • Take instruction from supervisors, crew leaders, managers, inspectors, and other officials.
  • Monitor traffic activity to guarantee public safety
  • Explaining operations and addressing queries made by road users
  • Setting up and removing temporary road signs

Aspiring traffic controllers should always be ready to work outdoors.

What Do You Need to Become A Traffic Controller?

To become a traffic controller, Traffic Controller Skillset and the Traffic Management Implementer Skillset courses which are one day each, plus a half-day final live assessment.  After completing the training, you will be issued with a Statement of Completion which is valid for 90 days, during this time you will be required to complete the final live assessment.

Once the assessment has been completed, Upskill Institute will lodge to SafeWork NSW for you to obtain your traffic control cards.  The best thing is that air traffic controllers don’t have to undergo training after changing employers. Once accredited, you can work anywhere in your state as a traffic controller.

Prospective employers look for leadership, punctuality, and communication skills. You also need to have solid physical stamina, pay attention to detail and be tolerant of working outdoors.


The average hourly rate for most traffic controller jobs in Australia is $40-$45. This implies that you could earn an average of $80,000-$90,000 in a year.

Take a Traffic Control Course to Upgrade Your Skills Today

Want to establish a career as a traffic controller? Enrol for the RIISOOOO58 Traffic Controller and/or Traffic Management Implementer Skillset Upskill Institute. Thanks to our same-day certification, you can complete the course and start working immediately. Call us at (02) 8580 2250 for more information about the course details.

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