What Is Construction Induction Training

What Is Construction Induction Training

Construction induction training is a course that workers all throughout Australia must take in order to learn more about the hazards and risks of working in operational construction zones.

Any worker who is going to work on a construction project and in a construction zone, even indirectly, must obtain a statement of training and a construction induction training card (white card) from a registered training organisation (RTO). In this blog, we’ll discuss this training in further detail.

Understanding The Basics of The General Construction Induction Card (White Card)

The official title of the construction induction training course used throughout Australia is CPCCWHS1001 Prepare To Work Safely In The Construction Industry. 

The White Card course is designed to ensure that all workers have the basic training and have undertaken the units of competency required to work safely on a construction site. Those who have completed the training will learn more about subjects such as:

  • Identifying the health and safety requirements of construction work
  • Understanding construction hazards and risk control measures, including wearing PPE such as a high visibility vest and hard hat
  • Understanding health and safety communications for job safety and reporting hazards or accidents in the workplace
  • Incident and emergency response procedures including first aid and fire safety on work sites

This is a legal requirement to work on a construction site in any capacity, even if you are a manager or involved in any other activity that’s not directly related to construction. White card is also known as a general construction induction card.

After successful completion of construction induction training, the RTO will apply for your White Card on behalf of the individual. If you do not get your White Card within 60 days, please contact SafeWork NSW for an update 13 10 50.

Where Did The White Card Come From? Understanding Modern Construction Induction Training

White card courses have superseded the previous types of construction induction cards issued by individual states and territories. In the past, individual health and safety legislation from organisations like SafeWork NSW required different, non-standardized training for construction workers.

This meant that, often, training taken in one state or territory could not be directly applied when an individual moved to another state or territory, requiring them to retake construction training courses.

However, the white card is different. It is accepted in all Australian states and territories. If you are certified and have completed the training in Western Australia, for example, you can transfer your white card to NSW.

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Work With Upskill Institute For Construction Induction Training In Sydney & NSW

At Upskill Institute, we work with a registered training organisation (RTO) to provide workers throughout Sydney, Liverpool and Arncliffe. Whether you need your white card or need further training like first aid or power awareness, we’re here to help you get the training you need to work in an active construction zone.

So don’t wait. View our courses online to book today. Got more questions? Contact us online to get the answers you need, and to learn more about Upskill Institute. 

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