What Do You Do in the White Card Course?

What do you do in a white card course

The White Card course is a mandatory requirement for anyone who works or intends to work in the building and construction industry. Its content covers the basic Work Health & Safety (WHS) knowledge required before seeking employment as a construction worker in Australia.

Not sure where to get the course? No problem. At Upskill Institute, we provide White Card certification that is recognised by all construction firms in Australia. Our White Card course, previously known as the Blue Card course, is designed to prepare construction workers for the job and raise awareness of the best building practices in the country.

Why Do You Need a White Card?

Having a valid White Card is evidence that you have completed the general construction induction course with a reputable, registered training organisation in Australia. It also means you meet the requirements provided by the national Work, Health & Safety regulations.

Additionally, White Card courses prepare you to quickly identify construction risks and their associated dangers to ensure workplace health and safety.

Since each state has different White Card course training requirements, we recommend that you get trained in the state you want to work in. The course is essential for all;

  • Building and construction workers
  • Construction site supervisors and managers
  • Surveyors
  • Staff who routinely access operational construction zones
  • Tradespeople
  • People who enter construction sites unsupervised

Mode of Training

Some people prefer in-person learning, while others choose online training. However, different states and territories across Australia have varying rules and regulations regarding white card validity. So the mode of training you choose depends on your schedule, preferences, and your current state.

While the online course does come with convenience & flexibility. So far, the only states that currently allow for online White Card course training are Tasmania, Queensland and Western Australia.

Details of the White Card Course

Once you complete your application form and successfully enroll in this course, you will learn through videos and presentations as well as participate in guided class activities. There will be a 3 assessments throughout the day, which you must pass to receive your White Card interim certificate called a Statement of Training, your card will be posted to your address within 60 days.

Basically, upon completing the White Card training, you’ll be awarded a Statement of Attainment, which allows you to commence work immediately at any construction site in Australia.

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Enroll for a White Card Course at Upskill Institute

Working on a construction site is a risky business. The most crucial aspect of working in such risky environments is having proper training from an accredited organization. At Upskill Institute, we don’t take your workplace health and safety requirements for granted. We are approved with SafeWork NSW RTO800520 to ensure you complete your White Card course in Arncliffe safely and conveniently. So book your class today in our friendly and easy to access location in Arncliffe.

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