What Cards Do You Need for Traffic Control?

What Cards Do You Need for Traffic Control? | Upskill Institute Sydney

Anyone intending to work in the traffic control field in Australia needs to have either a SafeWork NSW Traffic Control Work Training Card or a current Traffic Control Card issued by the RMS. Whether you work as a traffic controller, design or inspect a traffic management plan in a work zone, or implement traffic control strategies, these control cards are mandatory.

We also get asked very often, whether a white card is required for traffic control. The short answer is- Yes!

Working as a traffic controller requires more than just holding a stop or slow bat. Your other duties may include ensuring a safe environment for vehicles, pedestrians, and workers. For these reasons, the job often requires training and some essential requirements. At Upskill Institute, we offer a comprehensive traffic control training course to help you kick start your career.

What do You Need to Become a Qualified Traffic Controller?

To become a qualified traffic controller, you need to acquire a White Card and take the necessary traffic control courses. At Upskill Institute, we offer both the White Card and traffic controller courses. Our traffic controller course, formerly known as blue card, will help you get started in the traffic control field.

This course is ideal for those responsible for starting and stopping traffic in temporary traffic control systems using a stop/slow bat, boom gate, or portable traffic light.

Course Details

The controller training course teaches you about the Traffic Guidance Schemes (TGS) formally known as Traffic Control Plans (TCP) for a construction site. The traffic controller course usually covers a range of units of competency, including;

  • RIIWHS201D – Enables you to work safely and adhere to work procedures and WHS policies
  • RIIWHS205E – Traffic control using a stop-slow bat
  • RIICOM201D – Emphasises effective communication at the construction site
  • RIIWHS206 – Traffic control using portable traffic control tools

Besides theory lessons, you will also get practical training and assessment.

After successfully completing this course, you just need to receive a official Statement of Completion (SOC) to participate in supervised work until you finish your final assessment. After the practical assessment, you will be awarded a SafeWork NSW Traffic Control Work Training Card that allows you to work at any construction site as a traffic controller.

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Traffic Controller Training Requirements

  • Those interested in taking this course must be at least 17 years
  • Provide original 100 points of identification documents indicating your date of birth, signature, photo and current residential address
  • The white card is also an essential requirement for taking the course and working in a construction or traffic management work site
  • You should be able to read and speak English and understand the common road signs used in Australia

Enrol for a Traffic Controller Course At Upskill Institute Today

If you want to become a fully-fledged traffic controller in Australia, we at Upskill Institute have your back. We are SafeWork NSW approved, offer the cheapest rates, and have the region’s most qualified and friendly trainers. Please contact us online today or give us a call at (02) 8580 2250 to book our online traffic controller course Sydney.

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