Day-to-Day Duties of a Traffic Controller | Everything You Need To Know

Day-to-Day Duties of a Traffic Controller | Everything You Need To Know | Upskill Institute

Claiming that traffic controllers are an essential part of keeping Australian roads safe can be a surprising statement for many people.   If all you can picture a traffic controller doing is holding the stop / slow bat, then you only know a fraction of what an experienced traffic controller does. While their primary role is to direct the flow of traffic, working as a traffic controller involves a lot more responsibilities.   The duties of an Australian Traffic Controller   Here is a brief overview of all the responsibilities that a traffic controller job has:

  • Set up, maintain, and pull down road signs to control and improve the flow of traffic;
  • Manage unexpected events and emergencies;
  • Ensure the safety of all cars, cyclists, machinery, and even pedestrians;
  • Manage work sites set up to ensure no major disruptions to traffic are created;
  • Monitor traffic control flow to ensure the temporary traffic signs and devices are working as expected;
  • Participate in incident investigation procedures;
  • Implement traffic management strategies;
  • Assess and effectively respond to changes in traffic volumes and weather conditions in a timely manner;
  • Know the required legislation, regulations, and codes relevant to traffic management, and be able to apply all these rules;
  • Have extensive knowledge of how the environment, types of vehicles, traffic density, and other factors affect safety, and how to address these issues, etc.

As you can see, a traffic controller does a lot more than holding a stop sign. They have trained in road traffic management and their daily activity has a direct impact on everyone’s safety.

Who Can Become a Traffic Controller?

To become a traffic controller, you’ll need:

  • To be at least 17 years old; and
  • Have a White Card to be able to work on a construction site

Becoming a traffic controller can present you with a lot of new job opportunities. However, in order to become a traffic controller, you will need to follow a specialised training course that will teach you the basics of traffic management and help you step into your new role.   Why Work As a Traffic Controller   Traffic controller jobs can present you with a lot of benefits:

  • Working outdoors and frequently switching locations;
  • A flexible type of employment, with full-time, part-time, and even seasonal job opportunities;
  • Possibility to advance in the traffic management industry;
  • Help improve the safety of Australian roads for all road users

 Want a Career as a Traffic Controller? We Can Help!

If you want to learn how to effectively control traffic and convert to this new career opportunity, Upskill Institute can help!   We provide several different types of traffic controller training courses designed to help you build the skills you need to enter this industry successfully.   We encourage you to check out our programs and book your first class today.   Have more questions about us or our services? Feel free to reach out to our team online or call (02) 8580 2250. We now also offer an online white card course.

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