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Construction is a dynamic and fast-paced industry that offers a range of exciting careers. One such role is that of a traffic controller on a construction site, which involves managing the flow of vehicles and pedestrians in and around the work site to ensure safety and efficiency. In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of being a traffic controller on a construction site.

The Pros:

Plenty of Career Opportunities

One of the major benefits of being a traffic controller is the abundance of career opportunities available. Traffic controllers are in high demand. This means that individuals with traffic control training and certification can often find employment in a variety of locations, allowing them to choose the setting that best suits their interests and preferences.

An Abundance of Training Opportunities

When choosing a career, you’ll want to consider the training opportunities that are available as they can help you grow in your profession and increase your skills and knowledge. As a traffic controller, you’ll have plenty of training opportunities to keep you up-to-date on the latest traffic control techniques, regulations, and safety protocols.

Job Security

Look around, and you’ll see construction projects everywhere. Where there are construction sites, there is a need for traffic controllers to ensure the safety of workers, motorists, and pedestrians. As a result, traffic controllers have a high level of job security, as their expertise is always in demand. In addition to this, many traffic controllers are unionised, which helps protect their job security and ensures they receive fair wages and benefits.

The Cons:

Risk of Injury

This is the only con of being a traffic controller. It’s true that construction sites can be dangerous and traffic controllers may be exposed to hazards such as heavy machinery, falling objects, and inclement weather. However, these accidents are rare and can also occur in fields of work. And if they happen, workers’ compensation can take care of any medical bills and losses.

Additionally, traffic controllers are trained and equipped with safety gear to minimise the risks of injury on the job. So, while the risk of injury may be a concern, it should not deter you from pursuing a career as a traffic controller.

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FAQs on Becoming a Traffic Controller

Is traffic management a good job?

Traffic management offers a fulfilling career path with numerous benefits such as job security, career opportunities, and comprehensive training programs. Being outdoors and directly contributing to safety and efficiency on construction sites can be highly rewarding.

What does working full-time as a traffic controller entail?

Full-time work as a traffic controller involves directing and managing vehicular and pedestrian traffic around construction and road maintenance sites to ensure safety. It requires vigilance, understanding of traffic management plans, and the use of signs and devices to guide road users effectively.

Where do traffic controllers work?

Traffic controllers primarily work outdoors, regardless of weather conditions. Traffic control job is perfect for those who enjoy being outside and are adaptable to varying weather situations.

What is a ‘stop/slow bat’ in traffic control?

A ‘stop/slow bat’ is a handheld sign used by traffic controllers to stop traffic or allow it to proceed slowly. It’s an essential tool in managing traffic flow safely around construction sites.

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