Is The White Card Valid For All Of Australia

Is The White Card Valid For All Of Australia

If you’ve received your White Card in New South Wales, can you use it in another Australian state or territory? Does the range of cards issued and accepted in each part of Australia differ? If you’ve passed GIT training in one state or territory and you move, do cards issued under previous authorities become invalid? Find out now in this blog from Upskill Institute.

What Is The White Card?

The “White Card” is a term used to refer to General Construction Induction Training (GIT) cards. A General Construction Induction Card certifies that a particular individual has undertaken the proper training related to construction work health and safety regulations in their state or territory.

White Cards issued under corresponding work training programs are required for any individual who will be working on an active construction site and ensures that they understand the basic workplace health and safety requirements for working in such an area.

Is The White Card Valid For All Of Australia?

Yes. Whether you received your training in Western Australia or Northern Territory, for example, NSW recognises all interstate cards issued by authorities in these areas issued under previous arrangements, including White Cards. As a rule, training GIT cards issued in any territory or state in Australia will be mutually-recognised by every other state and territory. 

This means that you will not have to retake general construction induction training or a White Card course

How Do I Get A White Card? 

With today’s interstate general construction induction regulations, working in different states and territories in Australia is easy once you get your White Card. But how do you get a White Card? 

To get a White Card, you need to take General Construction Induction Training (GIT) from an institution that is recognised as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). The process of undergoing training and obtaining your White Card can vary depending on your state and territory, and the RTO you work with for training.

For example, states like Queensland and Western Australia allow RTOs to offer GIT and White Cards with online courses, while NSW has just begun to allow online training along with in-person training for GIT for individuals to obtain their White Cards.

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