Is Getting the White Card Easy?

Is Getting the White Card Easy? | Upskill Institute Sydney

Anybody looking for work in the Australian construction industry has heard the term ‘White Card’. The General Construction Induction card (GIT) or White Card, is mandatory for construction workers in Australia. It’s proof that you’ve completed an official and certified construction safety training course. Only a registered training organisation within Australia can issue you with the ‘Statement of Attainment’ which you need to start work on any construction site. The official name for the white card is ‘Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry CPCCWHS1001’ training course.

Who Needs a White Card?

Anybody who wants to work on a construction site in Australia needs a GIT card to prove that they have completed an approved general construction induction training course, including:

⦁ Labourers
⦁ Tradespeople
⦁ Supervisors
⦁ Surveyors
⦁ Anybody who accesses a construction site unsupervised
⦁ Any workers who regularly enter working construction sites

How Do I Get a White Card?

Unlike the Blue Card that only requires you to register and apply, the only way to obtain the CID is to complete a White Card course. After completing the course, the RTO issues you with a Statement of Training to prove that you’re familiar with workplace health and safety. You may start working on construction sites immediately after completing the course with your Statement of Training. The RTO  registers you with the relevant state institution, and you receive your card by post within 60 days.

Training Courses

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, most states only allowed face-to-face training for the GIT card . The government has approved online training for the pandemic duration, so for now, most Australian states accept an online course.

Whether you choose to do an online white card or ‘in-person’ course, you need to learn Australia’s legal requirements and:

⦁ Identifying a safety hazard
⦁ Reporting safety hazards
⦁ Measures to reduce the chance of injury and accidents
⦁ Responding to health and safety incidents

At the end of the course, you must pass the assessments before qualifying for the GIT card.


SafeWork Australia has declared a National Code of Practice for the induction of Construction Workers, all states and territories have accepted this. The result is a nationally consistent approach to induction training and that White Cards issued in any state are nationally accredited. Once you have a GIT card, it remains valid unless you haven’t worked in the construction industry for more than two years. Although most states prefer in-person training, even courses completed online at an RTO, qualify you for the GIT during the pandemic.

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Is it Easy to Get the White Card?

Although the process may seem complicated, obtaining the GIT card is not too hard! You need to ensure that you complete the course at an approved RTO and pass the assessments. The assessments are relatively simple to pass if you have a fair understanding of English. Once obtained, the GIT card remains valid nationally for as long as you continue to work in the Australian construction industry

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