How Long Do Construction Induction Cards Last?

How Long Do Construction Induction Cards Last

Construction induction cards, or White Cards, are necessary for those who want to engage in construction work. Professionals that need this credential include supervisors, building surveyors, labourers, and whoever has frequent access to the construction site. In New South Wales, those cards are granted to professionals who meet the highest safety standards of SafeWork NSW. In this article, you’ll read everything you need to know about White Card training, course fee, and more.

What Is A White Card?

A White Card is a prerequisite for any construction-related job position. They’re the nationally accepted version of the local, coloured cards. This card is obtained after you have successfully completed the construction induction training. Then, you’ll receive a Statement of Training, which is necessary to have access to construction zones.

It becomes null and void after two years of not being used. After this time, you should apply for a new training course. Those courses are aimed to teach workers to walk around safely on the construction site. White Cards issued by any accredited registered training organisations are recognised in all states and territories nationwide.

Courses and Fees

In many states, it’s possible to complete the course online. Online courses are recognised nationwide. A White Card course must be carried out by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to be valid. They’ll provide you with the application forms you need to apply for a new card. Course fees may vary between RTOs and states. 

Course length will depend on your experience in the field. If you already have experience and knowledge but have been out of activity for more than two years, you need to do a refresher training course. However, if you are new to the trade, the course can take six to seven hours to complete.


Safety is never too much, and training such as for the White Card can save lives. If you’re planning to take a construction induction course, please visit our website for more information.


In this section, you’ll find more information about White Cards, when you’re likely to need them, and different versions of them.

Does a White Card Expire?

White Cards don’t expire if you don’t spend more than two years out of a construction job. In this case, you should enrol in a new course.

What Kind of Jobs Require a White Card?

Construction-related jobs, in general, require White Cards. Here’s a list of the main ones:

⦁ Air conditioner installer
⦁ Plumbers
⦁ Cabinet makers
⦁ Carpenters
⦁ Scaffolders
⦁ Electricians
⦁ Engineers
⦁ Council employees

Is My Blue Card Still Valid?

Blue cards, red cards, and others are old local versions of the new national white card. Blue cards and other cards alike won’t expire, provided you don’t leave construction work for more than two years. Still, white cards are more advantageous for those who plan on working in different states.

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