How Do You Qualify for a White Card?

How Do You Qualify for a White Card

A White Card or general construction induction card is a mandatory requirement for individuals who intend to work in the construction sector in Australia. Having a White Card is proof that you’ve completed the Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) induction training from a registered training organisation in the country.

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Who Needs a General Construction Induction Card?

A general construction induction card course (formerly known as a blue card, greed card, or a red card course, based on your state or territory) is an essential requirement for people who work in construction sites. The National Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Work emphasises the essence of this card to people who work in construction zones, including tradespeople, site managers, surveyors, and construction workers.

Workers who routinely access the construction site to perform construction work such as maintenance, renovations, or demolition of structures may also need this card. To qualify for a White Card course, you must provide your original 100 points of identification documents containing your current residential address, date of birth, photo and signature.

Details of a White Card Course

This training focuses on the general safety requirements of any construction site in Australia. You’ll learn about the basic concept of risk management, workplace safety measures, illness prevention within the construction field, and WHS legislative policies.

Many worksites prefer face-to-face training to online white card training. However, it’s worth noting that every state in Australia has different rules regarding acquiring a white card. For this reason, it’s always best to obtain your White Card in your area of residence or the state you’re planning to work in.

At Upskill Institute, we offer same-day, in-person White Card training. Furthermore, we partner with accredited and authorised RTOs that conduct certified White Card course training.

White Card Certification and Validity

Once you complete your White Card course training, you’ll be provided with a Statement of Training that enables you to start working at a worksite anywhere within Australia. You will further be registered with the SafeWork NSW, which will issue you a physical card and send it to your postal address within 60 days. White Card certification remains valid for two years, after which it’s canceled if you haven’t done any construction work.

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