How Do You Get a White Card in Australia?

How Do You Get a White Card in Australia? | Upskill Institute Sydney

Working in the construction sector in Australia requires you to undertake basic construction induction training and acquire a white card. You must keep the card as long as you work at a construction site, whether as a manager, supervisor, or surveyor. This article explains everything you need to know about the nationally accepted “CPCCWHS1001- Prepare to work safely in the construction industry” course.

White Card Training Requirement

You can participate in the training as long as you’re 14 years and above. You also have to produce your original identification documents to verify your age, current address, and signature. If you take fake documents to your Registered Training Organisation (RTO), you risk being disqualified from enrolling in the course.

The Process of Acquiring a White Card

The first thing is to find a reputable RTO accredited by relevant state and national government bodies like SafeWork NSW. If you seek to find an affordable RTO that will offer face-to-face training and same-day certification, we’ve got you covered at Upskill Institute. You need to complete the training course successfully to get your white card.

The course provides comprehensive knowledge about common site hazards, mitigating site-related risks, construction work, and health and safety laws. You only need to register, undergo the training, and take the training assessment tests to qualify. If you fail to complete the assessments, you will have to pay the full course fee to retake the course from the beginning.

Upon training completion, the RTO will issue you a white card. You need to keep a copy of your white card safe and retain the details of your RTO. This information will come in handy in case you want to replace a lost or damaged white card.

Where Can You Use the White Card?

Initially, each region in Australia had its safety card ranging from green to red and blue cards. However, since 2011 the white card replaced the other cards and has become nationally recognised.

This means that you can work in different construction sites across the Australian states with a white card. If you still have the blue card, you can continue using it unless your employer asks you to upgrade to a white card.

What Do You Need to Replace a White Card?

If you want to change your card details, you need to contact your RTO. However, if you can’t remember where you took your induction training, you must retake the course to acquire a new white card.

Suppose the Registered Training Organisation is no longer in operation. In that case, you might need to produce your statement of attainment to another training organisation to determine whether they can re-issue another card.

Does a White Card Expire?

Your white card can cease to be valid if you fail to work in the construction sector for more than two consecutive years. In this case, you will have to take up another training course to acquire a white card. However, as long as you’re in the construction industry, your card remains valid.

Due to health and safety management protocols, your employer may require you to retake your induction training. Your previous white card will cease to be valid once you acquire a new construction induction training card.

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