Can International Students Get a White Card?

Can International Students Get a White Card? | Upskill Institute Sydney

Finding a job in Australia as an international student is exciting but can be tedious. The construction sector, particularly, is one of the most promising industries for such students. However, securing a job in this niche requires you to undergo basic training and acquire a few permits and certifications to help you work safely.

Experts from Upskill Institute have prepared a comprehensive guide about the white card and how you can obtain it as an international student in Australia. Follow through!

What is a White Card?

This is a work card that proves one has completed the basic construction safety training. It permits one to work in construction projects across Australia. Workplace safety is a top priority in Australia, and construction sites are not exempted.

You need to complete a short construction induction training course successfully. This course aims to equip you with essential health and safety skills in the workplace. Although some accidents in construction projects are inevitable, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What Does the Course Entail?

In the white card course, you will learn about the various risks facing the construction industry and how to mitigate them. You will also learn how to comply with construction health and safety regulations and respond to workplace emergencies.

As an international student, you will be required to produce various documents to enrol in white card training, including your:

  • student Visa
  • current passport
  • citizenship certificate
  • photo ID
  • Credit card
  • Utility bills to prove your current residential address

Where Can You Take the Course?

As an international student, you must undertake the training in a CRICOS registered training organisation (RTO). Whether you intend to obtain your white card by enrolling in a bachelor’s program or taking a one-day course, you need to confirm that your RTO is CRICOS registered.

White card for international students

Australians can only obtain the white card by taking face-to-face training in some states and territories like New South Wales, South Australia, and Victoria. However, those in Tasmania, Queensland or Western Australia can take the course online. It’s legally required for overseas students to attend face-to-face training in a CRICOS-registered training organisation.

So many training organisations claim to offer white card training, but only a handful deliver what they promise. If you want to find an affordable and reliable white card induction training organisation, Upskill Institute is your best bet. We understand you may wish to obtain your white card urgently, and that’s why we offer quality face-to-face training and same-day certification.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of the white card training varies depending on whether the course is administered online or face to face and the type of provider. At Upskill Institute, we understand that international students might have tight budgets; hence we offer our courses at pocket-friendly fees.

Do I Have to Renew My White Card?

Once you obtain your white card, you don’t have to keep renewing it. It is valid forever as long as you don’t leave the construction industry for more than two years.

What About Damaged or Lost White Cards?

At some point, you may want to replace your damaged or lost card. The good news is that you can still replace it without retaking the online course. All you have to do is contact your provider and produce a statement of attainment to acquire a white card replacement.

Need a Credible Institution to Enroll in Your White Card Training? Get in Touch

Having a white card gives you the privilege to work in all construction projects across Australia. As an overseas student, you need to learn from the best RTO, and at Upskill Institute, we fit the bill. Please get in touch with us now to enroll in our comprehensive courses.


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